Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hunted – So here is another idea that popped into my head

Deciding that Tom and Bridget were taking too long to develop the cure, the UN decides to begin exterminating Protectors. When a soldier attempts to take a protector from a class that Tom is working in, he discovers the truth and kills the soldier before ordering Kyle to get every Protectors, asleep or awake, born in 3000 or not, to the house. The conflict eventually collapses into an all out war where the protectors fight various nations of the world, while other nations support them and fight with them. As the world decends into chaos, Bridget and Tom find themselves turning to unlikely sources of help.

Main Characters:

  • Thomas "Tom" Cane / Timothy "Tim" Ritchie / Derek Davis / Thomas "Tom" Gerald
  • Bridget Smith
  • Vicky "Vic" Smith
  • Geoff
  • Kyle
  • Sam Blimpford
  • Elizabeth "Lizzy" Grey

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