Thursday, October 27, 2016

Book Updates for the main series

A Past to Remember

This has had a massive retooling recently, with the main restructuring done around the overarching plot, with the central plot now revolving around the robots rather than switching to the Vinto and other Universes around halfway through. Because of this, the main characters of the book have also been retooled to:
  • Thomas "Tom" Cane / Derek Davis / Timothy "Tim" Ritchie / Thomas "Tom" Gerald
  • Emily Rose
  • Jacob "Jack" Penguin
  • Emma Jackson
  • Cameron Jakes
  • Connor Potato
  • Erin Potato
  • Oliver "Ollie" Cane
  • Dudley
Leanne, Josie and Ed have been demoted to recurring in order to focus the plot, Bobby has been dropped because he is simply an AI. Vicky's, Darren's, and Fred's role have been substantially shrunk between versions while Ralph and Lisa have just been written out completely along with a number of minor characters who aren't even involved in any of the central plot threads any more.

And further cuts may be made later on with Erin and Ollie becoming smaller and smaller within the grand scheme of things. On the other hand, Dudley is a lot more involved with the plot, and as such has been promoted to main character status and is also joined with the introduction of his own pair of recurring characters in Ramona and Misty, two Zoombians who work with him to replicate the protectors abilities.

Of these, Tom, Jack and Emma are main characters in "Ashes", while Dudley is a main character in "The Unfortunates" along with Darren and a character who is Jack's brother called Joe Tim Morgan.

Official Synopsis 2.0

Having crash landed in the year 3000, Tom and his three man team much find a way to not only return to their own time, but also rescue those who have been abducted by their own creations. This all without having any idea as to why they crashed in the first place, nor why the time machine won't start.

Strike the Heart

Still the same, just written better, this time with a much more structured set of goals and restraints whereby the prequel aspects can shine in offering the necessary backstory. Your main cast this time around consists of:
  • Thomas "Tom" Cane
  • Jacob "Jack" Penguin
  • Emily Rose
  • Elizabeth "Lizzy" Grey
  • Geoff
  • Jackie
  • Matt
Of this lot, only Lizzy goes on to appear in another of the announced books. In this case appearing in "A Past to Remember". As previously stated, Dudley makes a guest appearance here, and strangely so does Emma in a recurring manner.

Official Synopsis 2.0

Mistrust plagues the protectors of 2980, with main of the organisation turning on one another within the year. However, the leaders of the group, Geoff and Jackie, encounter the first group of insurrectionist in the form of their son Tom and daughter Lizzy, who grant them a deadline of December of the same year before they take control and leave the organisation in ruin.


Okay, I'll admit, I've done nothing here. Like seriously nothing, I can barely even remember what it stands the main characters that I'm sure about are:
  • Thomas "Tom" Cane
  • Jacob "Jack" Penguin
  • Naomi
  • Emma Jackson
Although Dudley will drop in for recurring appearances throughout, seeing as the main enemy of the protectors – other than each other – is the Zoombians.

The Unfortunates

Set immediately before "A Past to Remember", this actually tells the story that Tom and Jack forgot in the initial parts of "A Past to Remember" and is meant as an explainer to what happened in more detail. The main characters who you'll acompany are:
  • Thomas "Tom" Cane
  • Jacob "Jack" Penguin
  • Dudley
  • Joe Tim Morgan
  • Darren Jenkins
Hey look, Darren's still a main character somewhere! Anyways, the story basically explains Tom's journey to find a herb to heal two comatose protectors in the present before all hell breaks loose. Can't really say anymore because spoilers...

General Notes

Just to put this here, the other series on here may be pulled down and redone at somepoint, or just scrapped entirely. For example, the "Covenant Invasion of Earth" crossover with "A Past to Remember" is no longer a thing as it pulls characters from events where they don't actually exist. A few will remain, such as:
  • Family Reunion;
  • The NCIS rewrite;
  • Numbers – which will continue...eventually, especially now that the main saga stuff has moved away from it.
And until rewritten, these will remain up:
  • Power Core – I'll keep the plot the same in earlier chapters so that season 4 can continue while the rewrite is happening...;
  • Camp Terror and its associated areas;
  • Covenant Invasion of Earth.
Everything else will either be rewritten or scraped entirely, although notices will go up for both of these.

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