Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Covenant Invasion of Earth: Tom

Tom  was sat in his room watching Continuum on his laptop when he heard a bunch of really strange noises coming from outside his door. He slowly and quietly place his laptop on pause and placed it next to him on his bed before grabbing the deodorant can of the side.

He slowly opened the door to see a short and stocky reptilian creature that was barely up to his waist, and the only thing that made it seem taller than it actually was was the massive tank on its back that looked as if it should be on the floor with the creature on top of it instead of the other way around.

As the creature spun around and saw Tom it began to scream but ended up being blinded by a continuous spray of Lynk deodorant. Tom then quickly grabbed a towel off of the Bannister and wrapped it around the creature's head and held it there until it stopped moving, at which point Tom carefully removed the canister that was on it back and tore the mouth breather out of its mouth.

Tom noticed that the door to his little brother's room was opened, (which was never never open). Grabbing a hammer and screwdriver out of his dad's tool box he slowly edged towards the room and quickly and quietly swung the door open before throwing the hammer at a second creature's head, forcing the thing to the ground. Tom quickly caught the tool and placed it on his little brother's bed.
             "Not my brother," Tom snarled as he drove the screwdriver into the alien's head. His little brother looked on in horror as Tom removed the canister on the back of the alien as well as its gas mask. "Stay here," Tom ordered his little brother as he walked out of his room.

He climbed down the stairs and headed into the kitchen to find a third little, round-headed alien cornering his two dogs in the corner. Grabbing the sharpest knife he could find and then jabbing the thing in the back of the head was a cruel thing for Tom to do, but under the circumstances, completely understandable.

He picked up the aliens small weapon, figured out how to fire it and then took three knifes into the final room of the house that he had to check – the living room.

Inside was a much bigger alien that easily topped the world's tallest person in height. He had Tom's mother cornered in the corner of the room by the computer. He guessed that the big dude would have superior everything than the small aliens and so guessed that on top of his arm was a shield.

Tom, remembering that he had tested the alien pistol on the turned on washing machine, which in turn shut it down, decided to take a leap of faith and held down the pistol's trigger down, the result was his hands being burnt badly, but a glowing green energy ball flying across the room and into the alien boss.

The alien threw its hands up in angry and surprise and was about to turn around. But Tom was already on his back and jabbed the two knifes into either side of the alien's neck causing it to bellow in pain before Tom cut the hole in his throat that caused all sound to become impossible for the alien to muster.

He then pulled the biggest of the two knifes and stabbed the alien through the heart before placing it on the floor and throwing the knife at a second big alien that bellowed in pain but otherwise staggered backwards, into the door and then onto the floor.

This Blog Chapter takes place in Universe 17

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