Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hey Look...Exam Hall

Welcome to Universe 29

The Mathematics exam had started a relatively easy for the A-Level students, while the Year 11s were struggling with their GCSE Statistics Exam. All the teenages worked quickly and quietly. Well with the exception of Thomas Graham Cane.

Tom's mind was racing, racing through every scenario that he foresaw, every scenario that did not involve his paper, every scenario that could end with him dead...

Across the room from him was a Year 11 student who went by the name of Maddi, and despite the fact that she did not know of her past, she was Tom's daughter. Maddi was a 16 year old girl whose hair was weirdly both naturally blonde and black, although she always tried to keep it as black as possible to ensure that no one noticed.

A girl, who used the name of Hannah, looked around briefly, completely randomly and caught sight of a gunman setting up silently in the lighting box a few metres above them. She pointed him out to one of the staff members monitering the exam, who quickly headed out the door and up the stairs that led to the box.

Suddenly two concurrent bangs and a flash of light echoed throughout the theatre. When the flash of light disappeared the staff member, whose name was Jodie, fell from the lighting box, terrifying both the A-Level and GCSE students alike.

Mason quickly noticed that Tom had disappeared from the seat next to him while Maddi felt something on her shoulder and so reached to brush it off. She brought her hand back down to her booklet where she noticed that it was dripping wet with a red liquid, which confused her before the bangs finally registered within her head. All of a sudden it clicked, the red liquid all over hand was blood...

She suddenly stood up and began trying to wipe the blood off of her hand when she realised that there was a boy stood next to her and that the blood had come from a gunshot wound that had gone through his shoulder. She also came to the realisation that what she had felt was the bullet, which had lost almost all momentum (and all damaging momentum) had tapped her shoulder which had prompted her to find the blood.

"You're a stubbon asrehole, Tom," the shooter snarled.
           "And you're a persistent bitch, Penny," Tom snarled back while gritting his teeth.
           "You can't take a gunshot like that and still be standing though, can you Tom," Penny laughed as Tom fell to one knee.
           "Get lost," Tom snapped.
           "Not until I finish what I came here to do," Penny giggled and jumped down from the lighting box with a pistol in hand.
           "Why break tradition Penny?" Tom asked trying to buy himself some time.
           "Copying the Inside-Out Killer gets boring after a while," Penny stated, her face dark with an evil glee across it.

Penny edged closer to Tom and his daughter and aimed the gun at Maddi's head. "Hey, what have I done, your fight is clearly with him. Shoot him and –" Maddi started.
           "Which is why you must die," Penny giggled evilly.

Penny's index finger slowly began to close on the trigger of the gun when Tom's right hand finally materialised a sword of swirling time energy. Before Penny had fully pulled the trigger she had a sword through her chest and stood twitching randomly with a glowing red sword sticking out of the centre of her back.
           "Rot in hell, Bitch," Tom snarled in her ear before pulling the sword away and letting the girl drop to the floor.

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