Friday, December 25, 2015

Six Alien Ships and Done!

Well not as close as the last few times, but that is only because I decided to remove two of the chapters. “Odd One Out” may find itself being uploaded at some point, but probably not. SO the six chapters are done and sorted, and the other two weren’t really important to the overarcing story or the story of the immediate chapter. Like at all.

“Newborns” explains itself, “Loop” adds to the next series, “Shadow” is important to both Tom and Connie’s characters, “Death in Law” and “Jokes on You” are clear for all to see and “First Timers” lends itself to somewhere so far down the line that I think it is likely fifteen or sixteen when we finally see the repercussions of the ship falling instead of being destroyed. “Odd One Out” would have been just a repeat of the others and “Oh Brother of Death” was worked into “First Timers” with Josh revealing Naomi’s kidnapping as opposed to Tom finding out via her tracker.

Obviously after reworking it, I have removed Ollie and Angee from Main character status in this series as they didn’t appear in an important aspect.

Seven will go up in January 2016, probably late. I’ll give a proper date when I post the Official Synopsis.

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