Sunday, August 31, 2014

Power Core Series 2: Millitary

Following the disastrous outcome to their previous mission, the remaining Protectors were recruited by the United States Military to help with the invasion. The Problem? The intelligence community don’t like taking advice from kids.

Naomi and her team were deployed into a small American village with a mostly British team as her backup. The two soldiers from the US that were on the team both hated being led by children and were probably the biggest assholes on the planet.

Attempting to distance themselves from the soldiers they've been forced to work with, Naomi and the others ducked around a few of the house and headed straight towards the ship that the aliens had come down on. Meanwhile the human side of the team began moving quickly and quietly through the town, taking out the aliens that had already dispersed to murder the civilians.

Utilising the two doors available to enter the ship through, the team successfully managed to clear the first floor of Ethereals with ease. But only the first floor…

They moved up through the sole lift in the centre of the ship to the second floor; they were met by a Sectopod and three Ethereals. “Um…Hello?” Naomi stuttered, trying to think up an adept strategy.
          “Mind-controlled Protectors reporting for duty,” Emma blurted out without thinking: Connie shook her head in dismay and began placing small fire pockets underneath the Ethereal closest to her.

Jack began manipulating light, readying it to blind the Sectopod and overload its sensors; Maddi started to drain the life out of one of the frail Ethereals, leaving only one creature untargeted. “Go,” Naomi muttered.

Connie detonated her fire pockets burning the unlucky Ethereal before spinning around and forming a small lasso with a spiked ball on the end that flew towards the final unmarked Ethereal and shoved its way through the centre of the frail being before it slumped to the ground in a heap of brown blood, broken bones and extremely frail flesh.

While everyone else dealt with the malfunctioning Sectopod, Connie slipped away and headed towards where the navigation room should be. Instead she found a Maze.

The Maze of corridors twisted around and around with a number of doors led to dead ends or to savage Sectoids that were tied to the wall with just enough leash to make it to the door and make a dig at Connie’s ribs.

The bottom of her top was ripped to shreds and her the underlying skin had begun to slowly seep sticky blood down, staining her pure white trousers. This red blood was also joined by various degrees of the colour green as she made each of the Sectoids’ heads explode, covering the walls in flesh and blood and bone and then she was covered in flesh and blood and bone.

After being covered in flesh and blood and bone for the fifth time she simply decided to level the entire floor. Five more Sectoids burned with the walls.

As the walls melted she caught sight of yet another gap in the roof that constituted to a second lift that was not usually located within a terrorship. She approached the gap slowly, walking through the flames.

She ascended.

Human minds had always been weaker than that of the Protectors. And that was evidenced by what Connie saw as she rose up through the gravity lift.

Stood in front of her were two men, one looking no more different to what he normally looked, but the other looked even more like an asshole than before. The Ethereal who had control over both the Americans stepped forwards and addressed Connie directly: “So the fiery spawn of the time traveller has made it this far…”
          “And what are you gonna do about it,” she snapped angrily, gradually losing control over the memories she had stolen, and as the creature enraged her further, her control decreased as well.
          “How long can you keep those locked up girl,” the alien snarled.
          “Depends on what I need them for,” she responded calmly, breathing deeply and trying to control her anger as well as the stolen memories.
          “Perhaps you should just relinquish control, allow them to flow through you; allow them to consume you,” the alien snarled, Connie suddenly realised that the last part did not come from the alien’s mouth but rather from its mind…
          “You’re already inside,” Connie groaned before slowly letting the memories seep out. “Then why don’t you eat these as well?” she laughed in her head before propelling the various memories straight at the Ethereal’s connection within her head.

Behind her, Naomi rose up the gravity lift to see her daughter and an Ethereal in the middle of some weird staring contest. She looked further ahead to see the two asshole Americans stood with their guns trained on Connie.

Quickly she turned her attention to them and their weapons and began using her telekinesis turn the weapons towards the Ethereal. The soldiers did nothing to stop them. And then? Rifle fire. Naomi pulled down on the trigger causing the weapons to let loose their ammo, unloading it all into the final Ethereal; successfully destroying its frail body in a matter of seconds.

The two soldiers dropped. Then Connie dropped. Her mind racing, trying to re-imprison any released stolen memories.

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