Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Strike the Heart Official Synopsis

The origins of Tom’s and Geoff’s conflict were far more complex than most Protectors realise, with small insurrections that remain hidden from public view and lead to violent confrontations that tore through Zoombian ships without relent. But an extra set of eyes witnessed the conflict and actively worked from within the ranks of the Protectors, and Geoff had no idea that these eyes belonged to his daughter, Lizzy.

Main Characters:
  • Thomas “Tom”
  • Geoff
  • Jackie
  • Elizabeth “Lizzy”
  • Matt
  • Jacob “Jack”
  • Emily

Lizzy and Jackie both recur throughout “A Past to Remember”. Leanne, Josie and John recur throughout "Strike the Heart".

“Strike the Heart” is a 20 chapter prequel that begins with “Initiate”.

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