Sunday, May 17, 2015

Chronological (kinda) order of the blog series and main series

The overall scope of the series begins in one small moment that could probably be applied to every Universe in which Tom is a good guy. This one moment occurs in Strike the Heart when Jackie convinces Geoff that the only course of action is to kill Tom, and applies to Universes 01, 08, 15, 16, 17, 18, 23, 29, 31 and 40.

Following this, the events that unfold differ between Universes, with Ashes covering Universe 01. The remaining Universes have varying differences that range from small (Universe 17 and 18) to extreme (Universe 08 and 23).

Due to the Time Travelling nature of the series, the books are more often than not told from the character's prespective. This is because A Past to Remember technically takes place both after and before Ashes in terms of when it is set. Likewise, The Future's Past occurs before, concurrently and after A Past to Remember. Because of this the books are aligned in chronological order based on Tom's team's perspective.

The Future's Past occurs concurrently with A Past to Remember. Covenant Invasion of Earth begins towards the end of A Past to Remember. Power Core, Time Trap and Fast Track all occur two years after A Past to Remember when Tom is in Year 10. NCIS and Camp Terror occur a further two years into the future, An Abyss to Hell picks up immediately after NCIS. Three Year's Too Early... is set three years into the past.

All of the books that are displaced are able to interact with one another as the Portal has some of the properties of the Time Machine. This means that it can't travel through time within its own time, however, it can connect to any time period in any other Universe.

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