Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Camp Terror Update + Seven Murders Official Synopsis + Other works!

So while on the train back up to Sheffield, I decided to do Camp Terror related stuff and quickly came to the realisation that the actual plot of Camp Terror itself is coming to an end, with the populace of the campsite being liberated from the terrorists who surrounded them. However, there were ideas that materialised themselves for after the series concluded, these idea included the people behind the attack and their reasons for carrying out said attack.

Camp Terror will end soon, with its 19th chapter entitled “Trust”, with a follow up series starting in February, which is currently working under the title of “Falsely Accused”. This will be followed up upon its completion by the series “Justice”. Depending on how the plot of “Falsely Accused” ends up unfolding, a prequel series will either begin being uploaded partway through “Falsely Accused” or alongside “Justice” as it features plot threads which will lose their effectiveness if revealed too early. This prequel series will be entitled “The Impossible Choice”.

The next chapter of Camp Terror, “Overkill”, will go up either today or tomorrow.

Moving on to other series, "Family Reunion" should finish up in February, while the sequel series to "Six Alien Ships", entitled "Seven Murders", will debut on February 29. "NCIS" and "Power Core" are both planned but I need to be in the mood to write each series before I can actually sit down and continue them, but don't work, they're still coming. "Hunted" requires a bit more planning and building before I can continue with it, otherwise it will end up going all over the place.

"Covenant Invasion of Earth" is in a tricky position where I've kinda decided on where I want it to go but at the same time don't want it to go in that direction... So basically I'm going to do the third sub-series entitled "Aftermath", however, after that I will probably stop working on it. "Time Trap" is in a similar boat to "Hunted" in terms of planning while I just have no idea what to do with "Fast Track". However, I have a storyline planned for Universe 02 which should lead into "Fast Track" and allow me to get some new ideas. The Universe 02 story is currently working under to name of "Universal Destruction". Universes 28 and 33 also have stories in the work for them, entitled "Death Linked" and "Empty" respectively. They will likely be one of series, although at the very least I'm hoping to get "Empty" out this year.

Onto “Seven Murders” information: The first chapter is entitled “Dust” while the final chapter is titled as “Cut Lose”, with there being another 11 chapters between them, bringing the grand total to 13, because of this the chapters may also spill over into March 1st as well, just to ensure they all get out.

The main characters for this round are:
  • Thomas “Tom” Cane;
  • Emma Cane;
  • Angelica “Angee” Gibbs;
  • Felix McKyle;
  • Faye;
  • Lisa;
  • Connie Blake.

Official Synopsis: -

Having been ordered to run by Tom after committing her string of murders against naval officers and duplicated his powers by transfusing some of Ollie’s blood into herself, Faye begins to slip further into insanity, beginning her spree of seven murders that ends with a dead protector and old friends chasing her down. Meanwhile Emma and Lisa attempt to break out of the time loop that they found themselves trapped within.

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