Friday, June 26, 2015

Four and Counting Official Synopsis

As the ten pieces begin to fall into place, Tom begins to realise that something it drawing him to an NCIS agent who may be more than what she seems while Geoff’s and Ollie’s lives lie in the balance.

Main Characters:
            Thomas "Tom" Lake
            Naomi EDIT: Not sure why I included her on here, I must have messed up with the table I'm using to keep track and accidentally merged her cell when I wasn't meant to. She does not appear at all within this series.
            And Angee Gibbs

Four and Counting is the second sub-series within the Numbers Series, coming after “Three Years Too Early…” and starts in the early hours of July 4, 2015 with “Past Reaction” and finishing later on in the day with its seventh and final chapter, “It Begins”.

All sub-series in the Numbers Series increase by one with each successive series, starting with Three that are all set within Universe 16. Each sub-series portrays some of the, if not all, ten characters who control, or will control time, as the Universe attempts to bring all ten together.

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