Friday, July 25, 2014

Power Core: Series 2

Series 1 of Power Core finished today (Incase you missed it: Retrieval). Do not read on if you haven't read Retrieval.

And well Tom and Emily were stuck on the Cydonian ship that exploded soon after. But in the end they rescued Darren and Naomi and reacquired the Power Core. But, in the final moments what appeared to be the entire Cydonian fleet arrived suddenly in the Earth's atmosphere.

The second series will begin in August and likely end in October (If school doesn't interfere too much). This series will have 8 chapters and as a main point, each series (if I continue these) will have 6 main characters. For Series 2, Emily and Tom have been demoted from main characters for obvious reasons, while Maddi and Connie have risen up to fill their void. SO the Main Characters for Series 2 are as follows:

  • Naomi Cane;
  • Jacob "Jack" Penguin;
  • Emma Cane;
  • Darren Jenkins;
  • Maddi Cane and;
  • Connie Cane.
The first chapter will be called "Military", the second "UN" and the final one will be called "Defy".

See you in August! :)

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