Saturday, January 17, 2015

Power Core Series 4: Retribution

Power Core series 4 has been given the name of "Retribution" and will begin on the 14 of Febuary for a 10 to 16 chapter run. It was initally going to be 6 until I looked back at the previous season and saw that there was very little in terms of sub-plots or actual plot in gerneral.

The first chapter will be called "Politics". However, there will be three intermission chapters spread throughout the "NCIS" and "Camp Terror" runs, the first will be tomorow, on January 18th; the second will be on January 31st; and the final one will go live on the 12th of Febuary, with each one being attached to Leanne, Oscar and Ralph respectively. The final chapter has yet to be named.

The Mains for this series have already been annonced but I've decided to put them on here as well, so that it is all in one place:
  • Naomi
  • Emma
  • Jack
  • Darren
  • Tom
  • Emily
  • Maddi
  • Connie
  • Ralph
  • Oscar and
  • Leanne.
Camp Terror will continue on the 19th and will use the every other day schedule.

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