Monday, September 16, 2013

Blackout in 18

Tom was enjoying his day, nothing had happened that upset him, nothing had tried to murder him; he was fine – until she came.

He knew her, but her eyes weren't her. She was someone else who had taken control of her body, or she has officially lost it, Tom thought.

The girl leapt at him, giving him only a fraction of a second to react. He spun around in a full circle while side stepping to the right.
        "Hold still," she snapped, swinging an electrically charged punch at Tom's face.
        "And let you kill me, I think not," Tom retorted as he jumped backwards to avoid the uppercut.

Tom looked around for cover to hide and think up a small strategy, but there wasn't such a location, all that was around was a couple of tents and Tom's caravan.

The Caravan Site was on top of a hill, a hill that overlooked a nearby town. It was late, around eight O'clock, and the rest of Tom's family had travelled down to the local fair (Tom had stayed behind because of what he sensed), he could see each of the street lights, and each of the funfair lights, and then he saw Leanne's fist.

Tom reacted by grabbing her hand and flipping her over his shoulder and into the side of his dad's blue car. Beside him was a rope that he picked up and swung it at Leanne before willing it to wrap around her legs, after which he pulled her up into the air before throwing her downwards with all of his strength.

He landed before she struck the ground and so the shockwave that she sent off knocked him off of his feet and flying backwards onto the weirdly tarmacked road. Tom stood as Leanne lunged at him again – this time he was unprepared and was forced back to the ground as she attempted to fry his insides with a couple hundred thousand volts of electricity.

Tom reached for his pocket and managed to pull out the small knife that he had stored there before stabbing her in the stomach, causing her to bellow and fall backwards onto the floor.

As she managed to stand Tom ran at her and used her unpreparedness to jump over her and wrap his arm around her neck. And there he held it with an ever increasing pressure which caused some involuntary spasming from Leanne's arms, but overall she was unable to remove Tom's arm from her neck.

Tom felt her body go limp, and as he released her, he realised exactly how much damage he had actually done to her.

He realised that he had just killed Leanne.

And then all around him the lights began to shut off; every single light from the town shut off; every light from the fair shut off; every light on the campsite shut off; everything had turned off. And Tom realised the full extent of what he had just done, for on the 27th of August, Tom had killed, not an alien, not some extremist alien cult member, but another human being, someone who he knew, someone who was important to the stability of the planet.

Tom realised that he had just killed the electricity of England at the very least.

Tom realised that he had just become everything he promised himself he never would become;

He had become like his father...

If the Title wasn't enough, this takes place in Universe 18

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