Sunday, August 09, 2015

Power Core Series 4: Politics

As the Zoombians destroyed the planet, Tom took a small portion of his team to a meeting with President Ray at the White House. Following the disastrous repulsion of the Vintos that had resulted in the destruction of the Spanish and Greek Governments and severally damaged the economy of most of Europe, Tom guessed that Ray would likely try and turn on them in order to prevent a repeat.

As such, Tom instructed Oscar, Ralph and Leanne to try and attack the Zoombian ships in orbit while Emily, Jack and Darren were instructed to protect the house from any attackers, whether they were human or alien.
            “What do you want Ray?” Tom stated as they entered into her office, having passed through security.
            “I told you to bring your whole team,” she snarled after seeing that there were only five of them.
            “Welcome to what is left,” Tom sneered. “By protecting you we have lost pretty much everyone we care for.”
            “And what about our people who perished in Greece and Spain?” she questioned. “Do they not matter?”
            “In the grand scheme of things…No,” Tom replied simply. “They are but ants in a Universe filled with giants.”
            “Well then, these next lot of invaders will be dealt with by the people who belong on this planet,” Ray decided after a few minutes of silence.
            “We are human too,” Connie shrugged while Tom’s and Emma’s eyes glowed a eerie red.
            “We risked our lives for you,” Naomi snarled. “If it weren’t for us then the Cydonians would have executed you.”
            “You are nothing but means to an end,” the president laughed. “You were there to take the brunt of the force while we built our defences up. And you did your part brilliantly.”

Without warning, Tom and Emma both simultaneously fired two balls of temporal energy at the president’s desk, aging it to dust instantly, while also revealing a small device that was slowly powering up. Tom sped across the room and almost grabbed the device, but was inhibited by the president who activated it, thus causing the five protectors to suddenly experience immense amount of pain.
“How…did…you?” Tom stuttered as soldiers rushed into the room and detained them further.
“How did I what?” the president smiled, knelling down next to him. “How did I figure out the frequency to force your powers to attack you? Very easily. Just analyse and then apply. It was one of the easiest projects that I gave the science team.”
“You will pay for this,” Tom warned.

“And who is going to make me?” the woman asked.
“I’m not as stupid as you think,” Tom smirked as even more soldiers rushed into the room, this lot with automatic weapons.
“Get them out of here,” Ray laughed as the protectors were dragged from the office and towards their new home, completely ignoring Tom’s warning.

“Destroy them all,” Naomi whispered under her breath. “Destroy them all Emily.”

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