Friday, August 07, 2015

Family Reunion: Manipulation

The killer that Emma was hunting who had begun to arrange his victims in a strange spiral around London, all leading inwards towards the London Eye where she found him hanging the most recent victim from one of the carriages in the middle of the night.
            “Jamie!” she yelled as she approached.
            “Hello Emma,” he smiled, turning as the body was elevated from the ground.
            “You’re sick,” she snarled, watching as the body rose into the air.
            “I know,” he replied calmly. “Now, what do you want?”
            “You killed my sister,” she growled furiously. “And then you threw her out like she was trash.”
            “So you’re here to kill me?”
            “Yes,” she replied simply, forming a small ball of temporal energy in her left hand.
            “Do you really think that you can kill death?” Jamie smirked wickedly.
            “You are welcome to try,” he stated, his face suddenly turning deadly serious.

Emma began to slow down time as she ran at her psychotic uncle, who reacted in some version of slow-motion as he jumped down from the boarding platform and readied his ball of death energy. As he pointed his palm out towards her, Emma slowed herself down and did the same with her ball of energy, aiming it straight at him.

Simultaneously, they released their energy in streams of light that collided midway between them which in turn caused a powerful shockwave to rip through the surrounding city, killing or erasing anyone it touched.

As the collision zone began to progress towards Emma, she suddenly released a huge burst of energy which included some of her ability to control air. While this extra energy allowed her to overpower Jamie and send him flying backwards into one of the carriages, it also caused her nose to begin bleeding.

Despite this fact, she continued to use her powers, and lifted herself into the air using the wind currents to give chase to Jamie who had progress up the side of the eye in his carriage.
            “Emma,” he whined, clutching his right arm after having it bend the wrong way. “You have to stop. Stop before you kill yourself.
            “I will stop when you have been through everything you put her through!” she snarled.
            “Emma. Just kill me,” he pleaded. “I am not worth dying for. Not after what she made me do.”
            “What?” Emma questioned.
            “Tom thinks he knows our mother,” Jamie explained. “But he knows nothing of what she is capable of. The attack on your base wasn’t just my decisions, I actually voted against it, but everyone else was for it.”
            “Jackie was behind your attack?” Emma asked, not really believing it. Without losing eye contact with Jamie she began to lift the London eye in the air and began tilting it sideways.
            “You don’t believe me, and if I was you, I wouldn’t either,” Jamie sighed as he slipped down the glass wall of the carriage. “I don’t know how she did what she did. But a number of those who fell during the raid had enough breath to tell me that someone had been inside their head while we voted. She is the only person who I think would do something like that.”
            “How do you expect me to believe you when you’ve done nothing but lie your whole life?”
            “Because, deep down you know that I’m right,” he winced as his arm collided with the roof of the carriage. “Deep down you know that people don’t just turn on each other the way we turned on you without a reason, at least not in our line of work.”

Emma floated in the doorway of the carriage, considering the idea as her eyes and ears joined in with her nose in bleeding.
            “Emma,” Jamie sighed. “Do it now…before you kill yourself.”

Without thinking, Emma formed a small knife of temporal energy and walked over to Jamie and stabbed him in the heart, causing him to slowly disintegrate into dust. And then she fell, and with her fell the London Eye, which crashed to the ground shortly after Emma was caught by her mother, Naomi.

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