Monday, June 16, 2014

Power Core: Stolen

Tom was just a kid doing his homework in his room like every other kid on Earth, but Tom wasn't normal. Far from it...

Tom was a part of a subspecies of human known as Protectors, because of this he had a much more complex DNA structure and had the ability to perform tasks others could only dream by use of his powers. As the leader of the Protectors in their mission to protect the Earth from alien invasion, he was a big target who could be pinpointed to within a millimetre because of a type of energy that he resonates.
Regular attacks were made by his enemies on his eleven story house, as such he rarely actually got anything done as he had to defend the house and then clean up the resulting mess.

He put his pen down to begin the third question of his homework when the alarm bell rang. "Oh come on," he snapped, throwing the pen down in frustration before getting to his feet and heading out of his room.

He heard Emma, Jack, Emily and Darren all running down the stairs yelling. He ran to join them.
           "What's happening?" Tom asked.
           "Someone broke in and then disappeared the second they got in the door," Darren explained.
           "Wait. What?" Tom asked baffled. "Why the hell would you make such a fuss of getting in and setting off the alarms but not want to be seen? Surely whatever it is they're doing would be easier without us interfering..."
           "The dude's an idiot then?" Emma shrugged.
           "Someone just entered into Core Room," Bobby warned.
           "This person really isn't that subtle, is he," Jack laughed and the five of them headed for the basement.

Down in the basement they continued onwards until they were four floors under the ground and at least 75 metres deep. Once on the fourth basement floor they all surrounded the Core Room door ready for the attacker to exit.

Tom realised way too late what was about to happen. Emily's fireball slowly began to dim out of existence while the others slowly began to feel weaker and weaker. Tom swore and jumped out of the way of the door just as the mysterious attack blasted it open.

The white haired girl walked out of the room with a miniaturized version of the Power Core in her hand. "Tom, I can't light any fire!" Emily screamed as she realised that her powers were gone.

Before Tom could react the girl had miniaturized both Darren and Emily and locked them up in a small cage that was hung around her neck. Tom got to his feet quickly, although slow for him, only to have the miniaturization gun that he had created aimed at his face.
           "Please don't," Tom begged.
           "Find them and destroy them before they cause any more harm," the girl replied.
           "And what can I do without my powers?" Tom snapped. "Come on Naomi, tell me."
           "Figure it out!" she yelled before quickly switching weapons and stunning Emma and Jack. "Figure out how to stop them Tom or we're all dead," she added before bring the gun down on his forehead rendering him unconscious.

Author's Note: The next two chapters to this will be uploaded at some point in the next two months but will be no later than July. The Third chapter will almost definitely be released in come again!.

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