Monday, June 23, 2014

Time Trap: Disappear

Tom was sat in his AS Level Maths exam struggling on through the questions that had been set by the exam board when commotion behind him distracted him. His biological dad had run into the room and was arguing with the teachers overseeing the exam.
        "Tom! You need to hear this!" he yelled across the room much to Tom's disgust. "Something's changed!" That peaked Tom's curiosity but not enough to make him move and throw away his Maths A-Level.

One of the year 11s in front of him let off a scream that pieced Tom's ears before adding that her hand had vanished. She turned to Tom and looked him in the eye. "Where is my hand Dad?" she begged as Tom's dad managed to push past the teachers and into the exam hall.
        Over in the corner Flavio asked, "What is happening Tom? My left arm just faded away..."
        "Dad, what are you doing?" Tom yelled angrily as his daughter turned slightly transparent.
        "Something changed Tom," Geoff repeated. "Felix, Penny, Jackie...they're all gone. Vanished."
        "What do you mean something changed?" Tom challenged. "What the hell did you do?"
        "Nothing, whatever happened it happened before the split point," Geoff explained.
        "So it could effect us existing," Tom moaned. "Do you know how much random insignificant stuff there is that could effect that!"
        "Then we'd better get to work or we're screwed, like very, very screwed," Geoff warned.

Tom and Geoff then quickly left the room, with Tom glancing back to see his middle daughter vanish from existence altogether.

After quickly finding Emma in one of the english classrooms, Tom removed her and filled her in on what was happening.
        "If everything is undoing itself then I'll disappear first, then dad and then you Geoff," Emma explained while snarling at her grandfather. "And we'll be stripped down to our most basic components, everything we've learnt will slowly delete itself, anything we've done will slowly undo itself, and most importantly, the only power we will have is the one keeping us grounded."
        "We shouldn't stay here then," Tom decided. "Emily destroyed a Vinto ship above the school a week ago and I really do not want to be here when that undoes itself."
        "What do you have access to then Emma, powerwise I mean?" Geoff asked.
        "Time like you, despite the fact I was born with Air the power was wiped out with the others," she shrugged in reply as a gust of wind suddenly blasted them forwards as the Vinto ship reappeared forcing the air in its place to move out of the way before the ship fired its laser into the heart of the school, demolishing the whole thing.

"And so it begins," Tom stated sadly as the three of them made their way towards the house.

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