Sunday, June 15, 2014

History Lesson... (SUB-CATEGORY OF Get to Know...)

Get to Know is getting a new sub-category that will focus entirely on events from within the story that are referenced and will provide greater understanding if they were explained more.

Some events will remain only mentioned in order to help feed speculation.

These will, for the most part, not be extremely detailed, will vary in length based on the particular event and will not go into character details unless it changed the character significantly. The most characters will get if they were involved will be mentioned in a list of people involved section that will also detail the teams involved and who belonged to which team, if at all.

This will evolve as it advances.

The first one that will drop will be based on Tom's Reset Wave and come out this month, probably this week but I'm not promising anything...

Also FYI, Stolen of Power Core and Disappear of Time Trap will be uploaded probably within the next few days and at the latest Thursday Evening/Night.

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