Monday, June 23, 2014

Camp Terror - Warning

Thomas Barry Cane was sat in his caravan as the sun set on the River Dart Country Park Campsite, giving way to a much more bearable and cooler temperature. What was meant to be a nice relaxing holiday camping for a weekend was basically a suarna for everyone involved, although Tom was still enjoying himself nethertheless.

Tom's laptop began to beep over in the corner causing Tom to get up off his butt to grab it to see why it was making a noise. He placed it on the table and opened it as his cousin, Connor Jerry Potato, walked in. On the laptop appeared the NCIS UK office with a grey-haired man stood in the centre.

"What's up?" Tom asked confused at why the emergency line was being used. "I'm on holiday, I filed all of the necessary paperwork to not be called on anything."
           "So you don't want to know about the terrorists that are currently rushing everyone on that campsite to the main building?" Gibbs stated sarcastically. "Okay bye."
           "What?" Tom asked, his face showing his lack of amusement. "What information do you have?"
           "Other than that they are headed towards your tent...I have nothing," Gibbs decided.
           "I do," came Tony's voice from the right of the camera.

Tony had scruffy black hair and was wearing an overly clean suit. He also claimed to be good with women despite the fact that his longest relationship was an undercover assignment.
           "What Tony?" Tom asked.
           "Don't run," he responded.
           "Elaborate?" Tom pushed.
           "Anyone who runs is being gunned down and used as an example," he elaborated before rushing back to his computer to continue surveillance.
           "Connor, get the others," Tom gestured. "They're going to want to help and need to be informed."
           "Tom, remember that NCIS can't shoot here and Protectors aren't protected from the law if the person they kill is human," Gibbs warned.
           "So what?" Tom asked angrily. "I can't kill them and there is a pretty small space between unconsciousness and death with our powers."
           "You can't use your gun because NCIS, and you can't use your powers because Protectors," Gibbs described. "Nowhere do other weapons in self-defense come into the argument."
           "Yeah, about that..." Tom started.
           "What did you do?" Gibbs asked worried.
           "Weapons will work...but we have defense mechanisms...Something will happen if we are pushed too far," Tom explained.
           "Then prove why you are the Protectors. Protect that campsite Tom. We'll try talking you out, but the odds are not in your favour," Gibbs warned. "And hide everything."

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