Monday, September 15, 2014

Updates (September 2014)

Okay, I'm trying a new format for these.

Already known: -
The Beginning: 11 Chapters of 42 and I'm halfway into Repercussions. Here's a quick side note: I've reorganised things so it now take place over January to March 2010 rather than just January.
Strike the Heart: 1 Chapter of 20.
Ashes: 8 or 9 Chapters of 20.
2861: 0 Chapters of 42.
Covenant: 10 Chapters of 15. Another side note: I've split this into five seasons, each of which will centre around different aspects of the story with the final one being a crossover with Hell on Earth (see the announced section below.). More news coming soon.
NCIS: Still on homicide as the latest chapter.
Camp Terror and Time Trap: Getting there, I just haven't been in the right mood for them. That goes for the majority of the other projects as well.

Announcements: -
Hell on Earth: The sequel to Betrayal. All that I can say is that characters who have died in anyother book will be featured. Especially those from Ashes.

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