Sunday, December 14, 2014

Official The Beginning Synopsis

Tom must navigate the violent terrains of the year 3000 following the breakdown of his Time Machine that ultimately caused his need to rescue the Protectors who had been abducted by time-travelling Robots while the Protectors who remain in the past fight to regroup against odds that are stacked heavily in their enemy’s favour. Once back together, the team is quickly pulled a part again as further revelations about their past and further operations into deeper parts of the Earth’s history as they track their opponents back through time, as well as encountering variations of their past that they believed long dormant.

Main Characters:
Recurring Characters:
Thomas Cane
Benjie Emily Rachel Polly
Jacob Penguin
Jaso(n) Polly
Emily Rose
Hulo Romeo Morgan
Emma Jackson
Johnny Doppy
Leanne Jackson
Robo Myles
Josie Jackson
Robo Marshal
Darren Jenkins
Robo Sam
Edward Armstrong
Theodore Apple
Ralph Sofa
Cameron Jakes
Anthony McNeil
Vicky Mary Jackson
Jasmine Zhang
Freddie Cane
Ollie Cane
Connor Potato
Erin Potato
And many more!!!!!!! (Who aren’t added to avoid spoilers!!)

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