Thursday, February 12, 2015

Power Core Intermission: Oscar

Far above the Earth, an alien race of cat-like humanoids were slowly moving into place within the Earth’s atmosphere with the militaries of the globe already entering into air combat with the invaders. Not yet done with his recruitment, Tom proceed to ignore the threat and continued in his objective to locate and wake up Oscar.

He eventually found him in the car park of the local supermarket where he was attempting to load up the shopping his mum had just brought while also withstanding all of the wind and rain that the Zoombians’ arrival had stirred up.
            “Oscar,” Tom yelled so that he could be heard over the end of the world happening around him. “We need your help.”
            “I don’t like you Tom,” he shouted, turning his head to see the kid.
            “I know you don’t. But the Earth is battered…and we need help to stop this invasion!” Tom explained. “And you are the next on the people I trust…”
            “Listen to him Oscar,” Ralph agreed. “We need to work together if we are to survive this!”
            “How am I meant to help?” Oscar replied. “I’m human!”
            “We need to finish this now,” Naomi warned as she, Emma and Emily flew down next to them.
            “Them arriving isn’t the only thing effecting the climate,” Emma explained as Tom pulled his pen out of his pocket. “They are pumping something into our atmosphere to try and make fighting them as hard as possible…”
            “Well it’s working,” Emily agreed as a fighter jet suddenly crashed out of the sky and straight into the supermarket.
            “Oscar! Look at the pen!” Tom ordered while being pelted with rain. Once Oscar was concentrating as well as he could upon the tip of the pen, Tom pressed the button, blinding Oscar temporality before his memories began to come flooding back.
            “Some warning would be nice!” he screamed in pain. “But thanks for trusting me enough to bring back into the fight.”

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