Saturday, October 17, 2015

NCIS Rewrite Official Synopsis

Okay, now that I know where the NCIS series is going, I can assign a synopsis for the series as well as say who the main characters are.

Official Synopsis: –

As Tom and Leanne attempt to entrap a group of terrorists by posing as their students, events begin to spiral that links the terrorists to Tom’s parents, Felix and his group of killers and much to Tom’s surprise, to the Taleon portal beneath the school that he is in.

Main Characters:

  • Thomas “Tom” Cane / Thomas “Tom” Gerald – Gerald is his NCIS identity, Cane is his undercover identity
  • Leanne Jackson / Leanne Smith – Smith is her NCIS identity, Jackson is her undercover identity
  • Jacob “Jack” Penguin / Jacob “Jack” Nolan – Nolan is his NCIS identity, Penguin is his undercover identity
The Tom from Universe 01 (main series) still appears in "Meet and Greet", which is now the fifteenth chapter as opposed to being the eighteenth.

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