Monday, November 10, 2014

Missed the 8th

Sorry for not uploading anything. My laptop when funny so I spent the day trying to get rid of any unwanted software and run a virus check.

NCIS will resume tonight and you'll get a double filling on Wednesday. That will be it until next year then. It will pick up on the second of February until the twelfth which will be the 30th and final chapter.

On the fourteenth you'll get the next two chapters of Fast Track, the Power Core series 3 details and a know on Leanne Jackson of Universe 01.

Then hopefully on the sixteenth I upload the first of 3 Time Trap chapters, the next will go up two days after that, and then two days after that will be the third of the 3. Also on the 20th you'll get an Update by Universe.

Then we'll see Darren's Know go up on the 22nd with the first of the 6 chapter Power Core series 3. Which will run up to the 2nd of December where it will be accompanied by a Know for Jack.

On the fourth the next series of Covenant Invasion will start alongside a Know for Cameron. And as we already know, it will close off on the fourteenth alongside a Know for Emily and an announcement with details on what is to come.

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