Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Infiltrated Sneak Peak

A sneak peak of the first chapter of The Beginning:
(PS. These aren't necessarily in the right order.)

Darren woke with five unknown faces looking down upon him. He attempted to sit up before it became clear that he was no longer in his pod, rather he was tied down to a table
                "Where am I?" he asked sleepily.
                "Safe," one of the faces cooed, Darren noticed a slight trace of feline in the face.
                "Where am I?" Darren repeated with more force as one of the face's eyes glitched from human to feline and back again.
                "Don't worry," a sixth face soothed as he stuck a needle into the vain on the inside of his right elbow.

                "No..." Darren groaned as they began to drain his blood. "Not this Dudley...please..."


Emily was the team's resident fire hazard; having burnt off her best friend's arm over an argument about who gets to go down a slide first, she was imprisoned in a mental asylum for two years afterwards as many people believed that she simply grabbed a match and set her friend on fire. Tom eventually rescued her and returned her to her family who thought she had been kidnapped. Her fire ability caused her hair to be a flame like red; her eyes were a similar colour.


Tom were frantically searching for an explanation for the crash of the Time Machine, he had searched the machine twice over and had found nothing. The last thing he remembered was the Time Machine travelling towards the portal to exit 3015 and travel back to 2010. Ultimately, however he ended up in 3001 with no memory of how or why it happened.

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